The Maintenance Module

 RezExpert Condo Property Management Software Maintenance Module

Many strata properties lack a cost effective customizable resource maintenance system.

Scheduling and keeping track of maintenance tasks for machinery & equipment, such as Pool filters, Air Conditioning and Hot Water systems and areas such as Playgrounds will help to preserve the life of the equipment.

More importantly, a well-executed preventative maintenance plan ensures your property complies with your local Occupational Health and Safety legislation. In the event of an accident or litigation that occurs due to faulty or sudden malfunction of equipment or areas on your property, being able to show a detailed real time historical record of maintenance tasks performed demonstrates due diligence and health and safety are a very important part of your business for both guests and employees.

 RezExpert Condo Property Management Software Maintenance Module

RezExpert allows businesses to setup customized maintenance checklists, incorporate real-time task management & monitoring and even track task completion times down to the day and minute.

The Maintenance module allows for:

A Simple Yet Powerful Mobile Interface

(Phones and Tablets) allows employees to complete tasks using a simple yet powerful mobile interface. This eliminates paper based checklists and task forms, streamlining work processes.

Assign Maintenance Tasks to an

Employee or Department

Easily assign tasks to an employee or to a department through the task management interface. All tasks are listed by date range for easy assignment. Maintenance managers can reassign tasks to different employees in real-time updating the mobile task interface
for employee and asset task lists.