RezExpert Condo Property Management Software

Owner Rental & Inventory Management

RezExpert Condo Property Management Software Owner Rental & Inventory Management

RezExpert Owner Management Module enables the HOA or the Rental Property Manager to have the ability to not only administer the management of the purchase of the unit but also facilitate the regular billing processes for rental and/or owner occupancy within a complex where the units are separately owned.

Managing the sale of the units and tracking the associated payments is made easy with the RezExpert Escrow Module, where all documents related to the sale of the unit can be uploaded and stored against the unit and its associated purchaser.

RexExpert tracks and seamlessly manages all charges and payments to the various accounts. Mortgage payments can be setup and tracked to the mortgage account each month and interest charged. Another account can be setup to handle maintenance and other fees related to the unit. If revenue is shared to the owner when their unit is rented out, that can also be tracked automatically to the owners revenue share account.

The robust accounts layer in RezExpert manages all of the revenue tracking and auditing necessary to run any HOA or Rental Property. Owners can log on to a web interface and see all of their historical reservations, check account balances and pay any outstanding dues, if enabled.

One of the main issues faced by property managers when managing a short term rentals property is equitable rotation, making sure that similar unit types have equitable income within a given time period. RezExpert has an automated equitable rotation panel to make it easier for any operator to choose the correct unit based on whatever criteria they use at the particular property. This is a very powerful feature not seen in other Owner Rental Management systems.

With all of the regular features of a full property management system RezExpert is a true all-in-one, cloud based, PCI ready solution for any HOA or Rental Property management at an affordable price.